Time to suit up

It’s finally time to wear a suit again. I really love to dress up. ( I think almost every guy will feel amazing in a suit.) I’m very happy with my new suit from PakkenFabriek  It’s made from 100% wool from Italy, with a subtle weave design and has a nice texture in the fabric. The sky blue shirt I’m wearing is made from Egyptian cotton and fits perfectly.


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Biker jacket for life

You can wear your biker jacket with a lot of looks. But the combination with a black skinny jeans is for me definitely the best combo ever. It’s tough and timeless. I was looking for the perfect black skinny jeans and I’ve finally found it. It’s from Sandro. A brand that I really love.


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Happy new shoes

First of all, Happy new year everyone. The first good thing this year, I finally found the perfect chelsea boots. They’re dark brown suede from Church’s. Church’s is known worldwide for there superior quality and durability. So it’s definitely a good investment. My favorite combo is to combinate chelsea boots with a jeans and a casual shirt.


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Lemon from Paris

I always love little details. So I needed this sweater from AMI Paris. Ami is a french brand from designer Alexandre Mattiussi. I really love his work. He works with great fabrics and you can find there a lot of basics with colors of this season. Its definitely worth to check out there website www.amiparis.com


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